2021 and 2022 Turning Circle Calendar

Sanctuaries A, B, and C are on the upper level of the Owen Brown Interfaith Center. Room 150 and 116 are on the lower level. Unless otherwise stated, we gather at 7:30PM and the rituals start at 7:45PM. Depending on who is leading the service, and what kind of ritual is being held, services generally conclude between 9:00PM and 9:30PM.


Our in-person services have resumed, effective August 2021. However, we will be operating at limited in-person capacity. Therefore, we will continue to also telecast services on Zoom when we hold in-person services. Due to attendance limitations, we will be permitting only fully-vaccinated  members  and guests to attend in-person. If you'd like to become a full member, just ask one of the Coordinators! When attending in-person, please remember to wear a mask and to observe 6' distance requirements. If you would like to receive an invitation to an upcoming teleconferenced ritual, please send us an email through the "Contact Us" applet. 


  • Nov 5 - Moon Ritual - Led by Mav
  • Nov 19 - Moon Ritual - Led by Mav
  • Dec 3 - Tree Ritual - Led by Indigo
  • Dec 17 - Yule - Led by Phoenix

November and December is our "open enrollment" period for rituals. If' you're a member in good standing and you'd like to sign up for a ritual, now's your chance!

2022 ((Work in Progress)
    • 1/7/2022: Divination Fair and White Elephant- Valentine
    • 1/21/2022: Chinese New Year: Phoenix
    • 2/4/2022: Imbolc - Indigo
    • 2/18/2022: Lupercalia - Phoenix
    • 3/4/2022: Spring Rite – Matt & Valentine
    • 3/18/2022: Ostara - Mav
    • 4/1/2022: Trickster Ritual - Valentine
    • 4/22/2022
    • 5/6/2022
    • 5/20/2022
    • 6/3/2022
    • 6/17/2022: Litha - Valentine
    • 7/8/2022
    • 7/22/2022
    • 8/5/2022: Lammas - Selene
    • 8/19/2022
    • 9/9/2022 – Drumming for Peace
    • 9/23/2022
    • 10/14/2022 – Departed Animal Companions
    • 10/28/2022
    • 11/4/2022 – An Autumn Rite - Indigo
    • 11/18/2022
    • 12/9/2022: Dionysius Rite - Valentine
    • 12/23/2022: Yule - Mav

Ritual Time/Place/Etiquette

Unless otherwise stated, we meet at 7:30PM at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center in Columba, MD. Rituals start at 7:45PM. We also telecast services on Zoom (for the duration of the pandemic)

We don't have an official dress code. Some people wear cloaks or robes while some just wear regular casual attire.

There is also no charge to attend our rituals. However, we do collect donations for buying ritual supplies and we also support four secular charities each year.

We do ask that you not take photographs during rituals (before and after is fine). Likewise, please do not use the "record" feature in Zoom  during services.

You don't need to be a member to attend services via Zoom. But if you'd like to become a member (and be able to attend in-person), just ask one of the friendly, approachable Coordinators!

About Our Charity Selections

Each year we select charities that fit into one of four categories: local, helps humans, helps animals, helps the environment.

We also give a yearly donation to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia in thanks for granting us space in which to hold our rituals.

Due to us meeting online for the past year, we have not been taking collections of any kind. However, we will resume supporting charitable causes in 2022, provided that we are permitted to continue meeting in-person at even limited capacity.