2023 Turning Circle Calendar

Sanctuaries A, B, and C are on the upper level of the Owen Brown Interfaith Center. Room 150 and 116 are on the lower level. Unless otherwise stated, we gather at 7:30PM and the rituals start at 7:45PM. Depending on who is leading the service, and what kind of ritual is being held, services generally conclude between 9:00PM and 9:30PM.

 Divn 2023

    • 1/6/2023: Tarot Fair & White Elephant Gift Exchange (led by the Coordinators)
    • 1/20/2023: Chinese New Year Celebration (led by Phoenix)
    • 2/3/2023:   Imbolc High Rite - Led by Indigo
    • 2/17/2023: Lupercalia Ritual - Valentine
    • 3/3/2023: Tree Ritual - Led by Indigo
    • 3/17/2023: Ostara High Rite - led by Phoenix
    • 4/14/2023: Earth Day Ritual - led by Kait
    • 4/28/2023:  Beltane High Rite - Mike
    • 5/12/2023: Principles of Enchanting - Mike
    • 5/26/2023: Walt Whitman Poetry - Led by Mav
    • 6/9/2023: Pride Event - Led by Mav
    • 6/23/2023:  Litha High Rite - Led by Rowena
    • 7/7/2023: Cord Cutting - Led by Kait
    • 7/21/2023: Hestia Ritual - Led by Valentine
    • 8/4/2023:  Lammas High Rite - Led by Indigo
    • 8/18/2023: Prosperity Ritual - Led by Mike
    • 9/8/2023: Drumming for Peace - Led by Phoenix
    • 9/22/2023:  Mabon High Rite - led by Selene
    • 10/13/2023:  labyrinth Rite - led by Sajana
    • 10/27/2023:  Samhain High Rite - Led by Indigo
    • 11/3/2023: Departed Animal Companions Ritual - Led by Selene
    • 11/17/2023: Divination Fair - Led by the Coordinators
    • 12/8/2023: Buddhist Meditation - Led by Matt
    • 12/22/2023:  Yule High Rite - Led by Valentine

Ritual Time/Place/Etiquette

Unless otherwise stated, we meet at 7:30PM at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center in Columba, MD. Rituals start at 7:45PM.

We don't have an official dress code. Some people wear cloaks or robes while some just wear regular casual attire.

There is also no charge to attend our rituals. However, we do collect donations for buying ritual supplies and we also support four secular charities each year.

We do ask that you not take photographs during rituals (before and after is fine). If you take pictures of people, please get their permission first!

You don't need to be a member to attend services. But if you'd like to become a member (and be able to attend in-person), just ask one of the friendly, approachable Coordinators!